Our Success


We all know that funds for our Borough’s services are limited and these limits naturally affect the safety of North Caldwell’s residents. The NCPF was formed to fill the financial void created by restrictive governmental budget caps. The NCPF compensates for these governmental financial shortages by providing specific advancements in technology, equipment and training. For example NCPF financial gifts have provided state of the art equipment, such as the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system which has enhanced our police department’s ability, providing a rapid response for stolen vehicle reclamation, immediate license plate recognition and substantially increasing crime solving solutions. Other foundation’s gifts have provided additional safety equipment for our individual Police Officers: Carbon Monoxide Meters to protect our officers from exposure to deadly fumes while on calls for service; Eye and Ear Protection for use at the qualification range; additional protective body armor; Further, we provided a Can-Am Commander All-Terrain Vehicle for the officers’ use. This vehicle will be put into service in situations requiring access to areas of the Borough unreachable by patrol car, for special events.

Obviously the need for additional funding and support is ongoing. The foundation pledges to continue to support the needs of our peacekeepers.